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A church feels like a very intimidating place to visit.  We feel anxious when we don't know how to behave or what to expect. Even if you have spent your entire life attending a church, visiting a new church brings uncertainty and anxiety.  

This page is here to help you know what to expect and relieve those anxieties ahead of your visit. 1DAADA95-5763-4E5D-ABA6-9F83F8024678.JPG



How does the service look? Our service looks like most church services--we read the Bible, sing songs, pray, and hear a message that explains and applies the Bible. Here is a sample bulletin to see what we do in our service.

If you have never been to church, that is okay.  In one sense, the church is different than any other place you will go.  It isn't a concert, it isn't a TED Talk, nor is it a business meeting.  On the other hand, it has similarities to all of these things.  Two things can be really helpful to keep in mind with the uniqueness of the church.  First, give yourself time to adjust.  Learning anything new takes time.  New social situations, like visiting a church, are no different.  No one expects you to know everything your first Sunday.  Second, if something doesn't make sense, please ask questions.  This one is a little selfish because your questions are really helpful.  More importantly, you will have a much easier time if you just ask how we do something and why we do it that way.  It isn't rude nor should you feel embarrassed.  Apart from the Frequently-Asked-Questions below, there is also a guide to our worship service. 



Some questions you might have are...

Is there a dress code?-We don't have a dress code--written or unspoken.  Some will wear tie and jacket while others may be in jeans and a t-shirt.  One helpful guide is to wear something that won't be distracting to you or others.   If you want to see what people wear at our church, take the time to browse our website as we have tried to include photos of our actual services and the people who attend them.  We hope it is helpful as you plan your visit.

What can I do with my children during church?--We have several families who do not have children, but also many who do.  We have a nursery every week for children who are 3 or younger with an adult supervisor and toys for fun.  For children over 3, our pastor loves the sound of children during the church service. it is really beneficial for them to experience the service with everyone else.  That doesn't mean there isn't any support.  The person next to you would be happy to help keep your escape artist four-year-old in the row.

How long is a Breakwater Church Service? - Our typical service length is 75 minutes with time after the service for coffee and conversation.

Will I be required or pressured to give money?- We do not expect our guests or visitors to give financially on their first visit.  We hope you will receive more than you give as you visit us.  If you would like to support us, you can do so in person or by clicking the "support us" button in our top navigation menu.

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