When you visit, here are some things that you will experience with us. Our worship service is rich with Scripture, God’s life-giving Word. When we worship, we join millions of Christians around the world and throughout history who have worshipped God using the same rhythms and elements.

Call to Worship & Greeting :: The service begins with God's own invitation in His own words.  It also begins with God's verbal reception with words straight from the Bible.

Song :: We sing biblical psalms, the ancient hymns of the church, and newer hymns. Our highest priority in singing is to have our attention fully fixed on God and his amazing plan of salvation.

Reading God’s Law :: We read God’s Law aloud as a congregation each week as a reminder that God is holy, that we have all fallen short of His glory, and that we all stand in need of His mercy.

Confession & Assurance of Pardon :: The Gospel sets us free to tell the truth about ourselves. We confess our sins silently & together, and then hear the good news of God's forgiveness in Jesus.

Prayer :: Every week, we pray for each other, our city, and our world—asking God to show His grace and believing that He hears us.

Offering :: The Bible says that obeying God's commands are meant to bless us (2 Peter 1:3-11).  Our offering isn't about leveraging God for earthly gain.  It is about you gaining through giving, learning the surpassing worth of heavenly treasure.

Scripture :: We hear God's Word read out loud—both from the Old Testament and the New Testament—while we stand out of reverence for God.

 Sermon :: God's Word is explained for the benefit of the congregation. Our sermons stick closely to the very words of each passage and focus on the glory of Jesus seen on every page of the Bible.

 Creed :: One of the historic creeds or confessions of the Christian church is said in unison—we are reminding ourselves and each other of the Gospel story.

The Lord’s Supper :: Once each month we receive the bread and drink the wine of the Lord’s Supper. In this moment, we are being spiritually fed by Jesus.

 Benediction :: Having received from God in Word and sacrament, we are sent out with His grace to serve Him in all of our vocations.