Join us Sundays at 9:30 AM


Thank you for joining the work God is doing in Sheboygan!  We know that every good thing comes down from above and give thanks for your generous partnership in the gospel.

Our aim is to see Sheboygan flourish according to the grace of Jesus Christ and the glory of God.  Your gift enables us to deepen our impact and keep our focus on the main thing.  Gifts to our general fund will help us with our day-to-day ministry costs.  This includes items like outreach materials, quality books to give away, music equipment, gospel tracts, hospitality expenses, and similar items.  It is an essential part of the ministry God is conducting through Breakwater.



We recently purchased a permanent meeting space.  We are very thankful for God's provision but we know there is much to be done.  The building will require significant renovations and, someday, we hope to install an elevator.  Our goal is to initially raise $425,000 to cover our costs. 

"Sometimes you need a building to show them the church is more than a building."  --Pastor Donald Stanton

We want Breakwater to be more than a building in King Park neighborhood.  Your gifts will help us to realize that vision and to see lives changed by the gospel of grace.  You can donate to this end when you click the icon below and select the building fund.